1/2" x 144" Shear:

  • Capacities:
    • 1/2" x 144" Carbon Steel
    • 1/2" x 144" Aluminum
    • 3/8" x 144" Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable back gauge for accurate, repeatable cuts
  • Roller feed table for easy material handling
  • Accessible by overhead crane when needed for larger sheets

144" x 300 Ton Accupress:

  • Computer controlled back gauge and drives for precision and accuracy
  • Rapid processing once files are created and testing completed
  • All files securely stored on machine for easy and quick repeated parts
  • Capabilities vary based on project/ material parameters, please contact us with all of your bending need to see how we can help.

3/8" x 120" Plate Roll:

  • Able to roll arches, rings and pipe in a wide variety of materials and thicknesses dependent on needs.